St. Clair Right-of-way Initiative for Public Transit
Because great communities deserve great transit!
[SCRIPT - St. Clair Right-of-Way Initiative for Public Transit]

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We are SCRIPT: the St Clair Right-of-way Initiative for Public Transit. We are local residents who support improving transit and the quality of life along St. Clair Avenue West by creating a right-of-way for TTC streetcars. biuro rachunkowe Olsztyn centrum nieruchomości zdrowie po 50-tce broń pancerna II wojny światowej

Great News for St. Clair!

After months of consulations, the production of a detailed environmental assessment report, the start and halt of construction, and legal battles, one conclusion remains: St. Clair stands to benefit by a streetcar right-of-way. Here's how:

It's a popular idea

Between 2 and 3 times as many people wrote and called the study team to say they prefer a streetcar right-of-way than did people to say they oppose it.

It's people and planet friendly

A right-of-way is the most cost-effective way to increase the number of people who can travel along St. Clair without increasing congestion and pollution.

It's safer

A right-of-way would improve pedestrian safety as people cross the street and take refuge in the transit lanes. Wider and better-built platforms will better protect passengers. Redesigned intersections will allow safer left-turning.

It's good for business

Similar streetcar transit investments elsewhere in the city improved local business and property values. On-street parking can remain along with a right-of-way. Increasing the people capacity of the street by improved streetcar service allows more people to shop without adding pollution to the area.

It's great for transit riders

A right-of-way is the best way to make streetcar travel more reliable and faster.

Make sure these benefits become reality. Tell your city councillor to accept this study and support improved transit.  Everyone benefits from improved transit.

We look forward to seeing you in our communities and on the streetcar!